No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Gym

In Parker, Colorado

Offering classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, and Strength Training, our instructors are dedicated to help each member achieve their goals in a safe and supportive environment.
Whether you want to get in shape, learn self- defense, or compete, our gym has something for everyone.

Women's Self Defense

Join our upcoming women's No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu self-defense program and discover the transformative benefits of this martial art specifically adapted for real-life situations.

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Kid's Self Defense

Our Kids No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu & Self-Defense Program is designed for children of all experience levels, from beginners to those with previous martial arts training.

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10% off family deal and 10% active military or active first responder!

Free week of classes for new members

if they bring a friend to try the class with them.

So What is the difference between Gi and No-Gi Jitsu?

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Our Client Testimonials


Coach Niko provides an open learning environment that is tailor fit for the nogi grappling community. As a black belt professor, Niko remains an innovative student to jiu jitsu ensuring 10th Planet Parker students are receiving the most effective and progressive training curriculum. 10PP is a community of driven athletes who are striving to push one another and become better at jiu jitsu. Whether you are new and considering training jiu jitsu or a professional competitor, coach Niko and 10PP has established itself as one of the most advanced training facilities in Colorado. I am beyond fortunate to have found Niko and 10PP, and grateful for the vertical  impact they have had on my life, (and those around me). THANK YOU. 10P4L


10th Planet Parker is a great place to learn the most real world and practical jiu jitsu around.  Niko is very knowledgeable and does an outstanding job of teaching techniques to people on various skill levels at the same time.  Luis is awesome during the Saturday classes.  Niko and Luis believe you learn from doing so every class has a lot of rolling and a lot of fun.  All of the students I have met have been helpful and nobody shys away from rolling with the newbie no matter the skill difference.  I 100% recommend 10th Planet Parker to anybody thinking about jiu jitsu.


I started jiu jitsu a few years ago and struggled to find the right gym with the right coach. When I stumbled across 10 Parker and met coach Niko, I knew his instructional would be legit. And I became an addict for his program. Coach Niko being on the smaller side proved to me how important technique is over your size and strength.  He does an amazing job at breaking down the technique and adding special tips to help make the move more efficient.  His strength training is also amazing. If you want to get strong, you've got to experience the strength training. I unfortunately have since moved on, but in the back of my head, I still hear his voice while rolling with other people! If you want to learn excellent technique, you have to learn from Coach Niko. I'll forever be grateful for him and the team at 10th planet Parker.

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